Our Mission

Water collection in Kisumu Today

Save drinking Water "Maji salama" is a human right and the key factor for a healthy community. Our vision is to reach out to areas where clean drinking Water is not yet available or affordable to everybody and we implement our solution.

Our mission is to make save drinking Water in bottled Water quality affordable and accessible to the everybody. We believe that we can make our World a better place in serving the community with save and affordable drinking Water.

Filling a gap in the water market

Our aim is to fill the gap between dirty well water or municipality water and very expensive bottled water by putting in another water product.

Safe Water offer "MAJI SALAMA"

Our water is in quality equal to bottled water but delivered in bulk to the customers from decentralized production centres. We cut down the price for transport and packaging and make high quality drinking water accessible to our Customers.

Creation of jobs

Our business model allows our partners to run Water Kiosks and make a profit out of it. This is creating jobs and brings the Water closer to the end customers.  

Spreading the model

The "Maji Salama" pilot project with our maji-app (Water-APP) will run in Kisumu County / Kenya. We are determined to spread the proved model around East Africa and the rest of the World for the good of the people.