Donate Today for a great cause! FOR WATER.

We started the planning for the Maji Yangu project in November 2015. Since then we came from far, passing many road blocks until we reached here!

  • We planned and implemented the production centre in Kapsoit
  • We constructed a Water Tanker to deliver the Water to our Water Kiosks
  • We completed the website with the ordering system
  • We marketed the product using facebook and are in contact with 287 Water Kiosk prospects
  • We engineered the first 11 Water Kiosks
  • We rolled out the first two Water Kiosks in Awasi and Kipsitet and rollout goes on

Maji Yangu operation started on 15th of September 2016

Since 15th of September 2016, we have started rolling out the first Maji Yangu Water Kiosks to our first delivery route from Kapsoit in direction Kisumu Town. To economize the delivery process, we need to extend our network of Water Kiosks and the delivery routes.

We still need your HELP!

Everything needed some more Time and Money as we expected. We are looking for your help to move the project to break even by extending the Number of Water Kiosk and the reach to Kisumu Town. Please take a look at our fundraising site and consider a Donation.

Checkout our fundraising page

The Swiss Management under Andreas Koller is taking care that your donation is used carefully at any time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us