Our Product

Maji Yangu is offering purified Water in the quality of bottled Water. Our Water is sold in bulk and delivered to our Customers or registered Maji Yangu Water Kiosks.


We serve different customer groups in our operational region with bulk Water delivery. The minimum order is 500 Litre of "Maji Yangu".

  • Maji Yangu Water Kiosk Partners
  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • Events (Weddings, Funerals, ...)


We have a network of Water Kiosks that run by independent agents. The Water Kiosks are provided with safe drinking Water "Maji Salama" on request. The Water is sold to the community to a defined end customer price.

Delivery Region

In Phase 1 of our project, we serve Kapsoit, Kipsitet, Awasi, Ahero, Awach, Sondu, Kaplelwo, Kaitui and all the way down to Kisumu Town. Over time we will extend our delivery areas to other needy regions. We like to be there, where the people are in real need for Water. We like to improve their life.

Check our delivery map to see where our Maji Yangu Water Kiosks are!

If you like to join our movement and cover another market area, please get in touch with us, maybe we can assist each other for the good of our People.



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