The demand for quality water at an affordable price is very high. There are uncounted regions that suffer from pure Water supply. We would like to solve this problem before 2030 but we have to work together and share resources to achieve this goal.

The Potential

We estimate that Today around 60'000'000 People in East Africa do not have access to quality drinking Water an affordable price. Basing on our research we estimate that there is room for more than 3'000 decentralized production centres. You like to join our movement?

Who we like to partner with

  • Great People that like to help us achieve our mission
  • Owners of Water springs
  • Experts in Water purification technologies
  • Experts in Drilling of Water holes
  • People that already run a production centre in a region
  • Social investors that believe in us

What we believe in

Anyone who would like to do the same should do so TODAY! The market is big and we are not greedy, we wish to see a situation in East Africa within 5 Years where everybody is able to access quality Water at an affordable price. But please do it where there is need for it. Maybe talk to us or even partner with us and we reduce the costs on investment together by sharing resources. The efficient use of resources will allow us to multiply our concept fast in more needy regions. Lets work together for good!

What we offer

  • The experience out of our first production plants
  • The knowledge on how to attend the daily business
  • The technical infrastructure to administrate the business using the MAJI APP.
  • The technology to purify Water in decentralized infrastructures
  • The experience in attending research projects to evaluate a new market


Get in touch with us! Call +254 (0)786 888 797 or send an email to us.



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