Maji Yangu offers business opportunities to the local community in covered delivery regions. We empower Women Groups, Youth and Small Business Entrepreneurs with our business model to serve their Community and make good Money.

What for a business is this?

You are running a Maji Yangu Water Kiosk and you make money on every Litre of Water sold. We outsource all our Water Kiosks to local people in the community that like to build up an interesting Water business. The business owner is selling Water to the community to a given price and makes his profit out of it.

Who can run this business?

  • Women Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Small Business owners
  • Families in their own compound

How does is work?

Our part is to build up and maintain Water production centres in needy regions and we ensure the delivery of the Water to our partners. We organize the supply of the Water to the Kiosk owner based on a ordering system on Website. The Kiosk owner makes a payment using LipaNaMPESA and we immediately schedule the next Water delivery to him.

The Water Kiosk owner sells the Water to the local community from his Water Kiosk. The customers are coming with their own jericans and the Water Kiosk owner fills them against cash or MPESA payments. He makes a profit on every Litre sold to the Customers.

What are the requirements?

  • You are living in an area we allready covered with a production centre
  • You are willing to run the Water Kiosk on a daily basis
  • You have a matching and save location to place a Water Kiosk
  • Your location is well accessible for our Water delivery tanker
  • You sign a partner agreement with Maji Salama
  • You pay a refundable deposit for the Water Kiosk infrastructure

What can i earn?

We have estimated that a well maintained Water Kiosk can make within a short startup time 15'000 to 30'000 KSH per Month or even more. You earn 2.00 to 3.00 KSH / Litre.


Get in touch with us! Call +254 786 888 797 or send an email to us.


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