To setup a new decentralized Water treatment plant we need a given amount of Money. The amount of Money involved in a given project differs basing on many factors. Available water source, drilling , electricity availability, distance to the customers, local rent costs along side other factors.

Water price should remain low!

When we like to hold the selling price to our Customers low, it will take some time until we can do the next investment to scale up our service to a new region out of the profits made. With enough investment capital, we could speed up our expansion and build more decentralized production centres in a given time to achieve our overall goal.

Investment opportunity

Maji Yangu offers a smart investment opportunity to diversify your portfolio with great profit potential. We guarantee a profit of 20% on your investment within a flexible range of time. Our target is to bring you this profit within 10 to 16 Month.

The payback is triggered by the amount of Water sold in the Water purification plant you invested in. On a Monthly basis, we report the amount of Water sold an pay back accordingly a given percentage per Litre until you reach the 20% profit on your investment.

Diversify your portfolio!

We think it is time to let Money do something good. Maybe you have 100'000 $ for investments available, why not do something good with 10'000 $ and make good profits at the same time. You will join maybe 3 to 5 other investors for a given project and you will be part of the success. We expect investments of at least 5'000 $ pro investor to hold our service costs low.

How save is it?

We do everything to make your investment safe. Still we are in a development Country and unexpected things can happen. The high profits are indicating that the investment also holds some risks.

In the evaluation process for a new decentralized production centre we follow given procedures. The initial research step is the most important part to evaluate the demand in a target region. With this step we can ensure the following requirements:

  • Is the demand high enough for a production centre
  • Are the consumers able to pay the price for the water we offer
  • Can we get pre orders from bulk customers even before we start the implementation
  • Which competitors are around and what are they offering
  • What is the area we can serve from the given new location

To start the project, we like to ensure the sales of at least 25% of the capacity by pre orders from customers. In this way we can offer you as an investor a very high security on success in a short period of time.

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