Exclusive Technologies

The Maji Yangu team has brought together a wide range of partly simple but also advanced technology to ensure smooth and highly efficient operation of our services. We did it for us, but we also like to share our knowledge and technology with you to reach our goal in the shortest possible time. Affordable safe drinking Water for everyone!

Water purification solutions

We partnered with Trunz Water Systems AG to bring high quality purification technology to Kenya. Trunz Water Systems develops, manufactures and distributes solar and wind powered systems for water purification and desalination as well as energy supply systems.

The innovative company offers sustainable solutions for the decentralised potable water and electricity supply in remote areas in Swiss quality.

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The Maji APP

To standardize and simplify the order and delivery process for Maji Salama we developed the Maji APP. The Maji App can run on every smart phone, Android, IPhone or Windows Phone. Our Customers can order Water convenient using there phone. The order process, the payment and the complete delivery process is managed in the Maji App.

The Maji App is integrated with SANYIKO ERP to allow automated accounting and customer service.

SANYIKO ERP - Business Automation Software

We use the SANYIKO ERP Business Automation Software to optimize our processes and stablize the Daily activities! The use of Business Automation software has a tremendous potential for every business owner. In Swisskenko we offer SME's and Enterprise Customers an affordable cloud based software called SANYIKO ERP.

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