Maji Yangu offers affordable safe water for everyone!

We offer quality drinking Water in “Bottled Water Quality” in bulk units to an affordable price for everyone and distribute the Water to a network of Water Kiosks and Bulk customers in a given region.

Where are we doing it?

We start where the pain is severe in terms of water availability and the people have minimal incomes to afford bottled water. When a region is served, we extend the business to the next region and grow.

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How are we doing it?

We build decentralised small / medium Water Purification Plants with a capacity that can be sold after a short while. When the location shows a bigger market potential, we add another plant and grow the capacity. When the demand reduces, while the government starts serving an area, we move the plant to a location that is still suffering.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are the people between 0 to 100 Years with a small or medium income in a rural setup outside the big towns.

The impact! Empowerment.

Giving access to quality drinking Water will improve the overall health of the community. Our sales partner channel will empower the community and create job opportunities for the local people.

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